Joyeuses fêtes ! Happy holidays ! & yoga in January

(Je suis un peu en retard, certaines fêtes sont déjà passées. I’m a bit late, some holidays and celebrations have already happened.)

Je vous souhaites de très belles fêtes hivernales, qu’elles soient les plus douces possibles et pleines d’amour et de joie.


I wish you joyful holidays and winter celebrations! May they be full of joy, love and sweetness.

Taking advantage of this (very short) post to let you know that Adriene – from Yoga with Adriene – is offering a new month of practices in January. The theme is « home » and we will get a daily email and new practice, for free.
I am in no way affiliated but I enjoy her videos so thought I would share in case someone else is interested.
You need to be fluent enough in English to follow the videos but they are subtitled if the accent is difficult. I find her very understandable. If you want to check if you can follow, go and have a look at her YouTube channel. The videos will have modifications for beginners.

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