Summer review and “back to school”

I have the intention to post more seriously and regularly (no promises), and I have a regular little project based on photos to share.
I’ve also changed the motto of the site to make it more fitting: Fantasy & Differences.


In May, I published « the summer of hope » which talked about my hope to be able to keep access to my bubble of calm this summer regardless of the social events planned.
I am very happy to say that I succeeded.

I think last year’s break was beneficial to me: this year I managed to be sociable without feeling stressed during the holidays with my partner’s family, and I even finally told someone I was autistic.
I don’t know how well I explained and how it was understood but it’s said and it was important I did it.

This summer I rediscovered the joy of walking (in good company), I savoured the greens of trees and grass, I enjoyed the sea, I learnt to shuffle cards (to play poker), I read, I talked with people I love, I went to the cinema, I walked by night under a storm with our lamps as only light (we had a good laugh) …

I had moments of stress, anxiety, misunderstanding, apprehension, understanding, joy, connexion …

I did 3 tests and received two jabs, I wore a mask for hours on the train …

And I finally bought myself some Sylvanian Families, aged 37.

It really was a good summer.

Autumn is forecasted as mixed, with some people I really like moving away, but that goes with the usual weather, doesn’t it?


The latest films seen:

July: Black Widow: I’m sad to say goodbye to her, but glad she finally had her own movie. I really liked it.

August: Kaamelott v. 1, a French film which follows up from a TV show. It was 10 years in the making, we’re glad it’s out, even if we came out of it with more questions than when we went in.

September: Free Guy: Ryan Reynolds in a comedy about video games (that turn on their heads a few cliches), with some philosophy and romance thrown in. I really enjoyed it, and most likely missed out a lot of references.

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