Ewan and Myriam have a picnic

Like every year, Ewan and Myriam are spending an evening together to celebrate their anniversary.

This year, they’ve decided to go for a picnic in one of their favourite places: a beautiful and lush plain.
To get there, they have decided to use their flying bicycle.

“Let’s land there, near the trees. It will be perfect.” Proposes Myriam.


Ewan takes the picnic hamper out.

“Fruits, what a good idea! But why is there a croissant?”

“It must have gotten there by mistake.” Suggest Ewan.

Myriam isn’t fooled: Ewan has a sweet tooth!


They spend the evening reminiscing about good times.

“Do you remember the day we bought this bicycle? You thought I was out of my mind, but you still supported me. Everyone was looking at us in a weird way, but now they all want one!” Laugh Myriam.

“I’m glad I supported you. The view is amazing from up there, and it’s really practical to move about whilst avoiding the roads!”

They eventually slide into a comfortable silence whilst admiring the sun set.

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