Early wishes for the end of year

Advent Sunday is today and Hanukkah starts this evening so I wanted to offer my wishes to you in this time of celebrations, religious or not, whether you celebrate something or not.

For those who
Will celebrate a holy day,
Will have a secular Christmas,
Will celebrate New Year’s eve,
Or none of it ;

Whether you are
With family – chosen, biological …
With friends,
With pets,
Alone ;

Off work,
Off school,
Unemployed ;

I wish you a beautiful end of the year,
May it end better than it started.

Merry end of year !


Here is the list I have put together, let me know if I got something wrong or forgot something.
St Nicolas, the 8th of December and Christmas are all based on religious days but have become cultural celebrations as well.

28/11 Advent Sunday, start of Hanukkah (which lasts 8 days)
5/12 Second (Advent) Sunday
6/12 Saint Nicholas Day
8/12 Feast of the Lights in Lyon (Fr), Feast of the Immaculate Conception
12/12 Third (Advent) Sunday
13/12 Feast of Saint Lucy, celebrated in Scandinavia and Italy amongst other places
19/12 Fourth (Advent) Sunday
21/12 Winter Solstice, Dongzhi festival (China and other Asian counties)
23/12 Little Christmas in Ireland and Scotland, Little Christmas eve in Scandinavia
24/12 Christmas eve
25/12 Christmas
31/12 Saint Sylvestre’s Day / New Year’s eve


Background for the illustration: Green branches with small brown cones by Freepik

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