Autistic and confined (part 2): resting outside of the world’s busyness

[Foreword: I am merely sharing my experience, and I don’t think it invalidates the experience of others.]

I know that this confinement is for a serious and severe reason and I am aware of the negative consequences it has and will have when it ends.

I don’t have to go out and the world is calm so to me this is a welcomed, because needed, rest.
I don’t have anxiety, I live at my own rhythm, my mind is freer – even though I am not always here, as I said in my previous article.

The world before this was tiring and aggressive and I have a feeling it’s going to be the same afterwards, although it will most likely come back progressively, so I savour the calm even if I apprehend what will come after – for this but also for all difficulties that already exist and that will carry on. I am not centred on myself, occulting what others go through.

I perceived the appointments I had as black blocs in the planner I have in my mind, and I had a hard time freeing myself of this on the days I didn’t haven any, even though there were more days on which I didn’t have any.
And depending on what I had done during the week and my current state (which changes depending on internal and external causes) I had difficulties finding the energy to do things on my “free” days.
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Mondes parallèles – Parallel universes

[English version below]

J’ai retrouvé ce texte, écrit le 31 mars 2017 et jamais publié, qui résonne particulièrement avec mon article précédent.

Et si, quand je rêve, je visitais d’autres « moi » ?
Et si tout se passait en même temps et au même endroit ?
Et si j’étais née et morte des centaines de fois ?

Quand je rêve que je tombe dans un vaisseau-navette qui va s’écraser, est-ce que je suis vraiment en train de rêver ?
Quand je rêve que je suis un espion qui sait voler, est-ce que je suis vraiment en train de rêver ?
Est-ce que je connais vraiment cette société secrète dont certains membres se réunissent sur une péniche sur le Canal Saint Martin* ?
Est-ce qu’il y a, quelque part dans le multivers, un vaisseau qui s’ouvre comme une fleur ?
Est-ce que les fées et les gnomes se demandent pourquoi on écrit des histoires à leur sujet plutôt que de les écouter ?
Est-ce que les chats savent voler et les dragons parler ? Et l’inverse serait aussi vrai ?
Est-ce que la reine de cœur veut vraiment couper des têtes ou est-ce qu’elle parle juste du mental à débrancher ?

Est-ce que ma folie c’est ma (sur)vie ?
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Autistic and confined (part 1): creation of stories in a parallel universe

I decided to post the French and English versions of this article separately to facilitate reading but I will carry on doing double posts for shorter, or lighter, reads.

[Foreword: I am merely sharing my experience, and I don’t think it invalidates the experience of others.]

We have been officially confined (in France) for three weeks now. I know some people count differently, following schools closure for example, but the general confinement was decreed as starting on Tuesday 17th of march.

The previous weekend I was watching the various announces and suppositions worriedly.
On one hand because I hadn’t done any “big shopping” – i.e. that last me for a long time so that I don’t have to go out – in quite a while since I was planning on going away, and I hadn’t been to do some “small” shopping (in the village) in a while because I was a bit sick and thought it was better to wait.
On the other hand because my parents were abroad – not far – and were supposed to come home on the 17th. They crossed the border without any problems.

All the messages I saw were calling for people to stay home so the idea of going shopping was stressing me out. I didn’t think I was really at risk but the idea that I could somehow carry the virus and spread it, contaminating other people, is worrying me.
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