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The tales of lock-down (2)

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Pierre called his grand-father regularly to avoid him feeling lonely. He hadn’t been much to visit him despite the possibilities, to avoid taking any risks and to leave the space for others who needed it. Georges seemed to be OK with calls – “As long as we talk, I’m fine” – and found video calls really nice. Pierre called him sometimes from the park for a change of scenery.

Today, however, Alaric and himself were calling from the comfort of their lounge.

“Pierre, Alaric, let me introduce you someone!”

Pierre thought his grand-father might be in love, although it would be surprising. Georges had deeply loved his late wife, and had always said he wasn’t interested at all in meeting someone else. His memories were enough for him.

“Tom, come here. Boys, this is Tom.”

Pierre nearly fell off the sofa.

“It’s… You’re a gnome !?!” He turned around to Alaric “You never told me it… They exist!”

“How did you want him to tell you? No one knows.” Commented Georges.

“Your story was true?”

“It was indeed!” Said Georges, looking proud of himself.

“Actually, I knew it, but I thought it wasn’t up to me to reveal their existence. I’ve talked to you about a lot of things, but not everything as some creatures are even more secretive than others and out of respect for them I prefer not to say anything. Gnomes are amongst them.” Alaric finally explained. Then, turning to the screen “ Hello, Tom, how are you?”

Tom nodded to him “I am doing well, and yourself? I see our human friends are related, there must be something about them that make them more attractive to us, I suppose.”
He laughed.

Georges came back in the conversation.
“What do you mean by “us”? Do you have something to tell me, boys?”

Pierre and Alaric looked at each other.
“Erm… Well…” Started Pierre, before Alaric cut him short.

“What has Tom explained to you, first?”

“Not much, really. He’s talked to me a lot about himself, gnomes and nature, and we talk about history as well. It’s very interesting, he knows a lot about humans.” Then, in a slightly impatient tone of voice, “Are you going to explain?”

Alaric smiled. He really liked that grand-father.

“I think it’s better if I show you.” Said he, whilst taking off his clothes.

“You’ve got wings under them?” Joked Georges.

Alaric didn’t reply, or not verbally anyway.

Georges exclaimed “Blimey! Do you have other news like that?”

Then, to Pierre, laughing: “Does he loose much hairs?”

Pierre was relieved, and not very surprised. His grand-father had always been a bit eccentric, and clearly he had kept an open mind.

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