The hedgehogs on holiday in the mountains

A little photo project to tell you about my holidays or outings as seen by cute hedgehogs. If you follow (followed) me on Instagram, you will recognise Mr Risson, my travel partner for a few years. It will come back regularly…


Abigail, Arthur and Mr Risson went to spend some holidays in the mountains.

La cascade de la Muzelle (The Muzelle’s waterfall, Muzelle is the name of the glacier it comes from) (Alps, near “Les deux Alpes”)

“We went to see a waterfall, it was awesome! The water made a lot of noise, we climbed on the rocks…”

Abigail interrupts him:
“We nearly fell in, and my skirt was all grey! It was really fun!”

Mr Risson emits some doubts.
“Grey soil is really dirtying. But it’s true that the view was nice!”

“And it wasn’t even tiring to go up there!”

“Yes, well, you should say that we were carried. It was a bit steep!”

St Martin en Vercors (Vercors)

“Green, cows and blue sky. A perfect place to take a rest!” according to Mr Risson.

“There are some big zucchinis, too. Something to feast on!” Arthur is a foodie.

“Monsieur Risson took us on a walk. We climbed a rock and walked under some big trees! It was great!” Abigail loves going for walks on slightly hazardous paths. It’s a lot more fun than when it’s flat!

It really was a good holiday, even if they nearly got lost in the grass. It’s true that they are a bit small, or the grass a bit tall. It depends on the point of view.

No hedgehog was harmed during those adventures, nor wet, nor dirtied. Because grey soil is really dirtying!

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    • Both places are, yes.
      The second one is where my partner has been going on weekends and holidays since he was a child, as part of his familly has a house there and is from there. Best place to play a game of « pétanque » or to nap under a tree.

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