A day out in the snow

The hedgehog family and their friends have spent a good day in the snow…


Ewan and Myriam are on their way to the snowy plain where Arthur and Abigail are spending time with their friends.


Arthur and Abigail are playing in the gingerbread house whilst Rémi is having fun with the sledge.
Even Mr Risson is here.

Mr Risson has brought Rémi up the slope, under Isabelle’s watchefull eyes.

“Mum, look! I’m sliding down on my own!”


Abigail might be too old for this, but she’s having fun in the little house.

“Come on, Abi! Let me in!”

And Arthur would love to join in!


Ewan and Myriam are joining the group.

“Hello everyone!” says Myriam.

“There you go, Arthur, you can have the house!”

Abigail comes out at last.

“About time! You waited until mum and dad got here in purpose, didn’t you?”

“That’s rubbish!”

Rémi is ecstatic.

“Mum! It was awesome! I want to do it again!”

“Ok, but first, let’s say hello to Myriam and Ewan.”


Whilst Abigail was telling all about their outing to Ewan, and Myriam was catching up with Isabelle, Arthur found a way to climb on the little house.

“Help! I’m stuck!”

“What are you doing up there?” Asked Mr Risson.

“I wanted to go down the chimney but my quills take up too much space!”

Arthur isn’t crying , but he’s worried. How is he going to get out of there?


Mr Risson helped Arthur come down.

“Arthur, you must learn to observe before doing anything!” reminds him Ewan once again.

“And remember that your quills take up more space than you think,” add Myriam. “It’s better for you to take more space than needed into consideration.”

“I’ll try to keep it in mind …”


Ewan, Abigail, Arthur, Myriam, Isabelle, Rémi, Mr Risson and Sören, the snow giant, wish you all a happy end of year!

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